Community-based combat sport initiative, Kombat Brigade held an expo in Eastlands at the Umoja One Boxing Gym in partnership with Mbogi Genje and Urban Creatives.

The Gengetone group performed alongside Wrong Turn Family and P The DJ. 

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The event was free for all to attend and aimed at promoting martial arts.

It drew martial artists from Kenya, Ethiopia, USA, Canada and the Czech Republic. It was a showcase of skill, strength and technique with an array of demonstrations in combat training, kickboxing, striking, wrestling, grappling, emergency response, self-defence and fitness training. 

The event also pulled martial arts enthusiasts, sports fans and pros such as George ‘The Maverick’ Itumo, Ouhsummer Ali and Omer Jemal to participate or witness friendly tackles and demonstrations.

Special guests included Ghetto Radio’s Maji Maji and Umoja One MCA, Hon Mark Mugambi (Roro).

Speaking about the initiative, the organisers said, “Kombat Brigade is more than just a combat sports initiative—it’s a community-centred programme focused on empowering individuals of all ages and backgrounds through the practice of martial arts. 

“And at its core, it is committed to equipping women and children with self-defence skills. tThe Kombat Brigade team continues to actively organize specialized women self-defense courses.”

The martial arts community in Nairobi is fast gaining popularity and prominence. The first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Invitational Tournament held in Nairobi in June of 2023 was also successful, having featured some of the finest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia; with Kenya Team ‘One Tribe BJJ’ emerging winners.

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