The Reform workout experience


For people who do not like going to the gym, myself included, getting us to even consider the idea of spending money on a workout is a Herculean task. Sure, people like me (shall I call us we), have moments when we think, ‘I should really lose some of that weight’ but then proceed to do nothing about it. Why? Because for the most part, joining a gym or working out feels like a job, like work and why spend money on it if you’re not enjoying yourself. It also doesn’t help that at most gyms the trainer runs the workout session like a KDF soldier. No smiles and no chills. And who wants that? Who wants to pay for a trainer who won’t pay attention to your level of fitness and make you feel like you’re conducting military drill exercises?

If only there was a way working out could be fun and the trainers could be more considerate? If you’re part of the ‘we’ (mentioned above) then continue reading. Reform, Cycling and Strength Studio is the kind of place where working out is fun and trainers who make you feel comfortable enough to push yourself further are a reality.

The studio opened its doors in December 2016 and if you haven’t heard about them maybe it’s because their focus is more on their clients and developing a community rather than on the number of clients. At Reform, you are assured of getting your money’s worth.

Reform, Cycling and Strength Studio offers a variety of classes. All of their classes are intended to give you a total body workout and are aimed at strengthening, toning and chiselling your body. In other words, reforming your body hence their motto “Revive Train Reform”.

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Variety, means you’re free to choose which class best suits you and if you intend to go there every day, you could choose to do a different class each day. For more information on the classes they offer, check out their website ( In the meantime, there are two classes (that I tried and tested, of course) you should know about.WORKOUT

The Barre Class

The Barre workout encompasses elements from ballet and Pilates. Once you’ve attended this class you’ll feel like every muscle in your body has worked out. If that sounds terrifying and after reading that sentence you can feel your muscles spasming in protest, relax, it’s not as bad as it sounds. In fact, you’ll enjoy it and you don’t have to have any ballet experience. The Barre class is designed to use your bodyweight against itself. No extra equipment required. The way Reform has structured the class, it will feel less like working out and more like dancing ballet.


The Core Strength Class

This class incorporates a BOSU ball and a pilates stick to improve your postural and core muscles and improve your flexibility. Sometimes, even we, of the ‘don’t like working out’ breed, have considered owning a six pack (not of the liquid variety). The kind of six pack I’m talking about is found in the mid-section of our bodies. Put simply, if you want to get rid of that belly gut and improve your posture and flexibility, this is the class to join. It actually involves a lot more than just getting a ‘six pack’ as I learned.

However, what makes these two seemingly hard classes fun and easy to do, is the trainers. They’re attentive, professional and considerate enough to take you at your pace. In some cases, they will even adjust a certain move in the class to suit your fitness level. That’s the kind of attention and consideration that makes every class at Reform worthwhile.

Look, don’t take my word for it. Visit the studio, try the 30-minute free ‘Discovery Ride’, purchase their introductory offer of Ksh 3,000 for five classes and make the decision for yourself. I will, however, tell you this. A studio that occasionally organises workout sessions away from the studio and throws in free food afterwards, is a workout place you should probably check out.


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