Sirisia MP John Waluke has been released on Ksh 10 million cash bail pending the hearing of his appeal against the 67 years jail sentence by the anti-corruption court. Court of appeal judges, Asike Makhandia, Sankale Ole Kantai and Grace Ngenye granted Waluke an alternative of Ksh 20M bond. The Sirisia lawmaker had further claimed that the denial of bail terms by the court could result to loss of his parliamentary seat. Through his lawyers waluke Otiende Omolo and Elisha Zebedee, Waluke described the jail sentence as harsh and unwarranted. He pleaded with the court to grant him bail terms pending the hearing and determination of the appeal. In the appeal, Waluke wants the court to determine whether the Ksh 313 million that was paid lawfully to Erad Suppliers as an arbitral award and as an award for breach of contract can sustain a criminal charge and conviction. He also argues that even though he was the Director of the company, he was not involved in the day-today running of the company and was not involved in the transactions therefore he can not be culpable of a transaction that he never participated in. Waluke and his co-accused Grace Wakhungu were sent back to prison after the High Court upheld the conviction of the magistrate’s court that found the duo guilty in Ksh 313 million maize scandal at the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB). Both Waluke and Wakhungu are Directors of Erad Suppliers the company that was allegedly involved in the maize scandal. Wakhungu on the other hand got a 69-year jail term and were both given an option to pay Ksh 1 billion fine.

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