Rémy Martin and Usher team up to celebrate excellence

Rémy Martin and Usher have teamed up to celebrate to cultures of excellence: Music and Cognac.

Rémy Martin has announced a collaborative new global campaign with multi-Grammy award-winning musical artist, Usher. ‘Team Up For Excellence – The Film’ highlights the cultural connection between Cognac and music since 1917 in France, and how the two have been synonymous ever since. In The Film, Usher narrates a story spanning the decades from the 1920s to the present day, which pays tribute to the multi-cultural connections. From Blues to Hip-Hop, Swing Dancing to Break-Dancing; Usher and Rémy Martin®1738 Accord Royal travel through decades in France and the US, to honour these cultural figures; both rooted in a shared philosophy of aiming for the stars.

This is not the first time that Rémy Martin is celebrating music innovators. Locally, renowned Kenyan artist King Kaka appeared in the brand’s ‘Team Up For Excellence’ campaign in 2020 and ‘One Life, Live Them’ in 2018. Both campaigns applauded innovation, passion and commitment to excellence. In 2019, King Kaka made headlines attending the Cannes Film Festival alongside the House to celebrate the diversity of culture and the coming together of creatives from around the world.

“Music doesn’t need Cognac to exist, and Cognac doesn’t need Music to exist,” states Usher, “but what is beautiful is that they were meant to meet and when they did, they created cultural harmony.” Teaming up with Usher and Rémy Martin for the film, are globally recognized creatives including Raphael Saadiq, world-renowned musical composer; Marci Rodgers, Academy-Award winning costume stylist; Aakomon Jones, award-winning dance choreographer; and director of the production; Jake Nava.

Following the launch of ‘Team Up For Excellence – The Film’ in the United States, the short film will be screened and showcased globally.


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