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Renewed conflict leaves two shot, several injured in Transmara

Tension remains high following an incident where two individuals were shot and injured by unidentified assailants in Transmara South at the Angata Barrakoi border, triggering renewed inter-communal conflicts.

In response to the situation, security agencies have launched an operation to recover five illegal firearms believed to be connected to the attack. The urgency comes after reports of escalating tensions and attacks within the community arose.

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County Commissioner Isaac Masinde shed light on the incident, linking it to ongoing land disputes and intensified efforts to apprehend the suspects involved. While cautioning residents against vigilante justice, Masinde advocated for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Additionally, Masinde instructed locals to assist in identifying and producing the suspects for investigation. Additionally, a stern warning was issued to individuals in possession of illegal firearms, urging them to voluntarily surrender the weapons or face legal consequences.

Highlighting a grave concern, Masinde revealed that security intelligence suggests the possible presence of firearms among members of both conflicting communities. He expressed a commitment to holding those responsible for the distribution of arms accountable.

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