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Reprieve at the pump as fuel prices drop by 5 shillings

Kenyans have welcomed the latest review of pump prices by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) that saw the prices of super petrol, diesel and kerosene drop.  

In the latest review, that took effect today, a litre of Super Petrol and diesel decreased by 5 shillings while a litre and Kerosene dropped 4.82 shillings per litre.

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EPRA has attributed the reduction in fuel prices to the reduction in global oil product prices in recent months.

The average landed cost of imported Super Petrol decreased by 2.40 pc from USD 694.44 per cubic metre in November 2023 to USD 677.78 per cubic metre in December 2023.

Diesel declined by 9.06 pc from USD 826.01 per cubic metre to USD 751.15 per cubic metre while Kerosene decreased by 4.33 pc from USD 759.93 to USD727.00 per cubic metre over the same period.

“The purpose of the Petroleum Pricing Regulations is to cap the retail prices of petroleum products which are already in the country so that the importation and other prudently incurred costs are recovered while ensuring reasonable prices to consumers,” said Daniel Kiptoo Bargoria EPRA Director General.

Consumers in Nairobi will purchase Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene at Kshs.207.36, 196.47 & 194.23 respectively for the next 30 days.

The current prices of the petroleum products will be in force from 15th January to 14th February 2024.

Sally Namuye
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