Residents protest use of beacons in Mwea settlement Scheme

Mwea residents in Embu County have stood up to act in resistance upon the attempts of putting beacons in Mwea settlement Scheme, as the plans to resettle beneficiaries of the subdivisions and demarcations of the 75,000 acre land are in top gear.

This comes after rumors emerged, that plans to put beacons in the Mwea settlement are about to commence so as to start the resettlement exercise.

Mwea residents have called upon the government to give them time by postponing and allowing consultations so that each of them receive a piece of land.

Led by their spokesperson, Sila Mwaniki, they warned that until their grievances are addressed to their satisfaction, they will neither adhere to the plans of resettling nor allow beakconing of the land.

Most of the residents who spoke, claimed that they had missed out on the land allocation exercise and if the process continues they might be left landless adding that during the President Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaigns, they were promised that the land will not be evicted and that he will sanction a fresh exercise where all residents will be given priority.

However, Mwea MCA, Harrison Mwaluko asked the National and County government officials to visit the area so as to get residents grievances before putting beacons.

Makima MCA, Philip Nzangi said the haste in which County national government coordinators are pushing to resettlements was suspicious and the residents have a big pledge on the land hence their call should be taken into consideration before it is too late.




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