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Retrogressive practices blamed for low school enrolment among pastoral communities


Poverty, Female Genital Mutilation and early marriages have been cited as key factors affecting school enrolment for girls in West Pokot County.

Jitokeze Wamama Afrika, a charity organization which supports girls who run away from their homes due to FGM and early forced marriages, the situation has been exacerbated by increased high cost of living which has pushed many vulnerable girls into early marriages.

The Organization, which has a rescue centre in Kapenguria, say many girls in the region are at risk suffering the negative effects of retrogressive cultural practices during the April holidays.

Stephanie Kidullah, the Operations manager at the Jitokeze Wamama Afrika, which empowers young girls and women from poor families, says her organization has rescued over fifty  girls from   West Pokot and Tiaty in Baringo, from the vices since November last year.

According to Stephanie, they have also offered scholarship to the fifty five pupils, who come poor families and in the remotest parts of the region, to join secondary schools.

This even as she urged stakeholders to consider supporting vulnerable groups whose dreams can be fulfilled through decent education.

Lucy Kitele, a children’s officer at Jitokeze Organization say many parents still hold on to retrogressive cultures that restricts children, especially girls, to go to school.

Kitele called on Chiefs, village elders, religious leaders, teachers, Community based Organizations (CBOs) local administrators and other partners to join hands and ensure all eligible children are in school.