Rift Valley Commissioner denies harassment claims of Mau evictees

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner, George Natembeya, has refuted claims of harassment of those vacating the Mau forest. 

With only 17 days left of voluntary vacation from Maasai Mau forest, Natembeya said the  exercise which is now 85 percent complete was successful although grass thatched houses had not been demolished as required.

Speaking at Sierra Leone Forest Service camp after aerial survey inside the forest, Natembeya warned those spreading lies over the voluntary exit from the forest.

Natembeya called on the few still holed up in the water tower to leave before end of the 60 day notice.  He said learning will not be interrupted and that candidates in the forthcoming national examinations will be accorded the necessary support.

Alfred Maina, a resident of Barsuguta village in Sierra Leone who is leaving the water tower said there was no harassment of those leaving the forest.

Illegal logging has seen water levels in rivers Moreso and Amalo drop.



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