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Roto Tanks donates 500 tanks to support access to clean water by household

Flame Tree Group, the manufacturer of Roto Tanks, has signed a framework agreement with Mama Doing Good, an initiative of the First Lady Rachel Ruto, that will see 500 tanks donated to women groups in the country to increase access to clean water at the household level.

Flame Tree Group will further execute an enterprise-driven partnership that will see a further 5,000 households access discounted tanks through Joyful Women, a table banking model-based economic empowerment program where women meet every once a month, save, and borrow money from the table and use it to build their enterprises and repay their loans.

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Speaking during the signing event, Dr. John Chumo, CEO of Mama Doing Good, reiterated that the tanks are key for water storage in households, improving food security, reducing the prevalence of waterborne diseases, and reducing the time taken, especially by women, to fetch water, especially in arid areas.

Heril Bangera, the CEO of Flame Tree Group, confirmed the company’s support for the Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) and to help Kenyans increase their water storage capacity as part of the company’s climate resilience and adaptation strategy.

Flame Tree Group will further support Mama Doing Good Environment and Climate Action Plan, which includes tree planting initiatives and creating opportunities for green and circular enterprises targeting youth and women.

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