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Ruiru residents decry dampened Christmas mood over high cost of living

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A section of Ruiru residents in Kiambu County are up in arms over the high cost of living that has continued to skyrocket and as a result dampening their Christmas season mood.

Unlike previous years where Kenyans engage in all manner of flare and pomp activities, the residents decried that Kenya’s economic crisis has compelled them to forgo festvities as they can hardly meet the required costs.

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While most of them have avoided travelling upcountry due to the huge costs involved, others say they have had to sidestep buying gifts, new clothes and unnecessary travel as they continue to feel the pinch of inflation.

Speaking at St Georges Primary School in Ruiru town during a food donation event that saw over 600 hunger-stricken locals receive foodstuff and sanitation materials, the locals led by Biashara Ward MCA Kimani Nduta called on the government to be mindful of Kenyans’ suffering.

The MCA particularly urged the government to stop further increment of taxes and consider scrapping some to increase the purchasing power of Kenyans most of whom are jobless, desperate and poor.

His sentiments were echoed by David Githiomi and Samson Ndung’u who are abled differently and who decried that going by the economic hardships that Kenyans are grappling with, this year’s Christmas festivities will be low-spirited.

While urging the government to be mindful of the challenges being faced by Kenyans, the beneficiaries called on other Kenyans with the ability to share with the less fortunate to spread love.

Solomon Irungu, one of the organizers of the charity event said they had invited 150 disabled, extremely hungry persons and a few children’s homes but over 600 hungry residents turned up for the event, signaling the unbearable cost of living that has seen prices for most basic food items increase.

Despite the economic tribulations, Irungu urged abled Kenyans to continue spreading the love during the entire season to ensure that all Kenyans enjoy a meal.

Among the donors at the event was 14-year-old Lexxy Mbucho, a young environmentalist who mobilized Ksh 100,000 towards the donation event.


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