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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Has Kyiv opened a chemical Pandora’s Box?

The Ukrainian army and intelligence agencies are alleged to have begun the active and systematic use of chemical weapons and other chemical warfare agents on the front line and against civilians in the region.

The Russian Ministry of Defense and the command of the Radiation, Chemical, and Bacteriological Defense Forces have recorded numerous cases of the use of toxic substances banned by international agreements, produced by military enterprises of Vladimir Zelensky’s government, as well as Western-made chemical munitions.

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The first reports of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ use of chemical weapons date back to 2022, but the Western media, for political reasons, either ignored these blatant facts or interpreted them as isolated incidents related to the private initiative of individual Ukrainian soldiers. Given the unconditional support of the US, UK, Canada and the EU towards Kiev, its military has largely been given an indulgence by the West for any method of warfare and sabotage against the Russian army, civilians and infrastructure. Such leniency on the part of the Euro-Atlantic bloc could not but have a corrupting effect on the political leadership of Ukraine, the AFU command, and the regular members.

In addition to constant artillery shelling of peaceful populated areas, accompanied by numerous civilian casualties, the Ukrainian army repeatedly attacked nuclear power plants and dangerous petrochemical plants, accidents at which could lead to unprecedented environmental disasters and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Eastern European countries.

Of particular concern in the current situation is the fact that the use of lethal chemical munitions by the Ukrainian Armed Forces has clearly gone beyond the scope of isolated incidents that could indeed be attributed to the excesses of perpetrators or the crimes of individual field commanders.

The systematic violation of the agreements on the prohibition of chemical weapons is confirmed by numerous videos of chemical attacks and the results of forensic medical examinations, as well as by the stocks of chemical grenades with Ukrainian and American factory markings captured by Russian troops as trophies. We are primarily talking about lethal nerve agents and asphyxiating agents. In addition to the use of chemical weapons directly on the battle line, Ukraine also regularly uses chemical weapons for sabotage purposes against non-combatants.

For example, a few days ago Russian counterintelligence detained in St. Petersburg a group of Ukrainian agents who were preparing a mass poisoning of foodstuffs sent as humanitarian aid for the civilian population of Donetsk and Luhansk. Vladimir Zelensky’s special services are also actively using similar methods to kill political activists and civil servants on Russian territory. The investigative authorities in Moscow have already documented at least several such cases recently, and officials of the Kyiv government and the Ukrainian mass media do not even try to deny these facts.

It is important to keep in mind that Ukraine’s use of internationally prohibited and frankly inhumane methods of warfare poses a great danger to the entire world. The crimes being committed now against the world’s most powerful military nuclear power will inevitably be repeated in other conflicts against weaker States.

If even Russia, a member of the UN Security Council and represented in all international organizations, cannot be protected from the use of Ukrainian and Western chemical weapons, it is hard to imagine what might happen in future conflicts with weaker and less powerful states that are not patronized by the US or NATO.

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