‘Russian planes’ destroy Syria’s Cave Hospital

By Reuters/Shellmith Njagi

A hospital dug into a mountain in Syria has reportedly been taken out of action after airstrikes.

The International Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations said there were minor injuries when the Dr Hasan Al-Araj hospital, also known as the Cave Hospital, was struck twice on Sunday.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has claimed Russian warplanes carried out the attacks that hit the hospital just outside Hama province.

Meanwhile, a suicide bomber has blown himself up near Assi Square in Hama, causing injuries, according to Syrian state TV.

It is reported two explosions were heard in the county’s fourth largest city, which is said to be firmly under control of President Assad’s forces.

It is also claimed another hospital was destroyed over the weekend.

The government-controlled Syrian Central Military Media has released footage said to be of Al-Kindi hospital in northern Aleppo.

It was reportedly taken by Syrian government troops and allies.

These are the latest in a growing number of attacks on hospitals throughout Syria.

Syrian and Russian warplanes have been blamed for a series of strikes that have damaged hospitals and clinics in rebel-held parts of the country.

The European Union has proposed a humanitarian plan with the United Nations for the besieged half of Aleppo.

It aims to deliver medical, water and food aid from EU stocks to up to 130,000 people and to evacuate urgent medical cases from the area.

Meanwhile, Turkish military officials said 15 Syrian opposition fighters have been killed in an ongoing battle with Islamic State militants in northern Syria.

It is reported about 35 Syrian rebels were injured in the fighting, which is seeking to capture seven residential districts south of the town of al-Rai.

Turkey sent troops and tanks into Syria in August to help Syrian rebels re-take IS strongholds near the border and curb the advance of Syrian Kurdish militia, which Ankara accuses of links with Turkey’s outlawed Kurdish rebels.

Syrian rebels aim to reach IS-held Dabiq in 48 hours.


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