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Ruto: Impunity of bribing judges will never happen under my watch

President William Ruto has Thursday warned that the impunity of bribing judges so as not (sic) to derail, delay, or sabotage Kenya’s imminent transformation will never happen under his watch.

While addressing Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi on X, the head of state acknowledged the presence of corrupt judicial officers in the Judiciary but however noted that his administration would root them out.

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“Ahmednasir SC, you warned me of sabotage by corrupt judicial officers. I told you there are many good officers in the judiciary and that we will root out the corrupt. We shall,” he said.

In addition, Ruto also addressed Senior Counsel Paul Muite noting that “not a single cent will be used to bribe nobody. Mambo ya wafisadi wote ni yale nilisema…..”

The remarks come a day after Statehouse Spokesperson Hussein Mohamed defended the President against accusations that he unwarrantedly made damaging claims against the judiciary.

Mohamed maintained that while the head of state respects the judiciary and its independence, he is justified to speak out about wrongdoings and corrupt practices within the institution.

While responding to claims by the Law Society of Kenya and others who are accusing the President of overstepping his mandate, Mohamed said judicial officers cannot escape criticism when their character is put into question.

“Corruption, whether within the Judiciary, the Executive or the Legislature and, indeed, among the general public must not find refuge behind the shield of judicial independence. It is our duty to expose and hold accountable those who engage in corrupt practices whoever they maybe and wherever they are,” he said.

According to the President’s spokesperson, Kenya has been held back by a few corrupt individuals and those with vested interests who impede inclusive national development.

The President had on Tuesday claimed that Judiciary has been taken captive by persons keen to sabotage his administration’s programmes.

“People with vested interests, who are beneficiaries of corruption in the former NHIF ganging up with corrupt judicial officials to stall the programme that is going to make it possible for ordinary citizens to access healthcare so that they can continue to steal, I want to tell them it will not happen in Kenya again. We will stop it,” said the President.

And Mohamed maintains that it would be a dereliction of the President’s oath of office, and a betrayal of the people’s mandate to allow their hopes and aspirations to be obstructed by corruption and impunity.

“As a believer in the Constitution, President Ruto recognises the imperative to lead by example in defending our constitutional values. This includes shielding innocent citizens from judicial misconduct perpetrated by corrupt officers colluding with vested interests,” said Mohamed.

“This is a moment in history when our country has a chance to break free from the chains of impunity. This can only be achieved by countering the influence of vested interests and corrupt judicial officials,” he added.


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