Ruto marvels at rivals’ miscomprehension of ‘bottom-up’ economics

Deputy President William Ruto now says he has been taken aback by the misreading of his proposed bottom-up economic model.

While expressing surprise at the confusion generated by his campaign strategy, Ruto insists he fully comprehends the challenges being faced by ordinary citizens compared to his political opponents.

“There is an ongoing debate about the bottom-up model. It has generated so much talk. Others are confused, they don’t comprehend it,” He said at a church service in Langata.

“It is about the lifting of everybody so that we can be together in a nation where nobody is left behind,” he added in his explanation of the model.

According to Ruto, the much-publicized model is solely focused on deliberately creating jobs, liberating ‘hustler enterprises’, and empowering our poor farmers/herders to produce so as to free them from the ‘slavery’ of aid.

It is for this reason that the DP is calling on all leaders to embrace the economic model which he maintains is tailor-made to address the social-economic needs of the poor.

Ruto said leaders should be mindful of the needs of Kenyans who are disadvantaged by the current economic model that has impoverished them.


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