Ruto pledges to support persons with disabilities

Kenya Kwanza Presidential Candidate William Ruto has pledged support for persons with disabilities should he form the next government.

The Deputy President said he will ensure the participation of persons with disabilities in the political process including implementing policies that would transform their lives.

He was speaking Wednesday at the Ngong Racecourse in Nairobi County where Kenya Kwanza signed a charter with people living with disabilities.

Ruto decried prejudice against the special interest group saying it must stop noting that they are human beings like others but differently-abled.

“Persons living with disabilities face stigma, prejudice and abuse. They are denied their rights to associate, move freely, and access to justice and economic opportunities. As a result, most of them live in poverty. This has to stop” he said.

“They face stigma, and are denied their rights and access to justice and economic opportunities. As a result, most of them live in poverty,” he explained.

He said there was an urgent need for persons with disabilities to be empowered, protected and supported.

Dr Ruto noted that it was crucial that these people have an active voice and are seated at the centre of the country’s decision-making table “to take control of their lives”.

“We will deliberately involve persons with disabilities in the political process of our country to drive policies and actions that will scale up their needs,” added Dr Ruto.

He explained that Kenya Kwanza will be deliberate on access to business and jobs for persons with disabilities.

“We will also partner and encourage the private sector to expand economic opportunities for these people.”

Mr Sankok regretted that persons with disabilities were still being despised and discriminated against.

“We cannot just be toilet cleaners or suppliers of tissue papers and toothpicks. We are educated and can engage in serious business,” said the nominated Senator.

Mr Mwaura said Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) cannot just be on paper.

“It must be real. It should be quantified so that we actualise the dream of engaging persons with disabilities in gainful business,” he observed.

On his part, Mr Mudavadi said the Kenya Kwanza administration will ensure that persons with disabilities do not face public apathy.

“We will ensure that they enter the social mainstream as productive people”.


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