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Ruto says charter plane to USA cost Ksh.10 Million only

President Ruto says he had initially asked his office to book the national carrier Kenya Airways for the trip.


President William Ruto reiterated Thursday that the private jet hired for his recent State Visit to the United States was far much cheaper than alternatives.

In light of questions being raised about his decision to resort to a chartered plane, the head of state disclosed that he went for a cheaper option that was available to him.

In fact, President Ruto says he wanted to use national carrier Kenya Airways for the trip.

“When I saw the debate in Kenya as to how I travelled to the US, there was all manner of figures, such as this plane is big and must have cost Ksh. 200 Million because the president needed to arrive in the US in style holding Rachael’s hand,”

“I am not a madman. When I was told the cheapest plane was Ksh.70 million, I told my office to go book Kenya Airways (KQ).

Ruto who was speaking during the National Prayer Breakfast in Nairobi disclosed that he changed his mind when his close associates offered him the private jet at a discounted rate.

“When some friends heard that I was going to travel using KQ, they asked me how much I wanted to pay. I said I am not ready to pay more than Ksh.20 Million. They said bring Ksh.10 million we will give you the plane,” he said

“I am a very responsible steward, believe you me, there is no way I can spend Ksh.200 million. Let me disclose that it cost the Republic of Kenya less than Ksh.10 million,” he charged

The President maintains he will never spend a lot of money on anything at the expense of the taxpayer.

“I must lead from the front. As I tell others, to tighten up their belts mine must be where to begin. So, relax. The debate must end because I am that responsible and it is going to be that way,” he said

“I promise you that as a steward that I have the privilege to be, I will act responsibly and we will manage the affairs of the country with integrity and selflessness so that we can build a nation of hope that people know their government cares,” said Ruto

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