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Ruto supports Biden’s roadmap for Israel-Palestine conflict resolution

President William Ruto with US President Joe Biden.

President William Ruto has expressed his support for President Joe Biden’s proposed roadmap to end the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Ruto shared his views on the plan via his official X (formerly Twitter) platform.

Ruto highlighted that the comprehensive plan, jointly initiated by the United States, Qatar, and Egypt, includes a six-week ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from populated areas of Gaza, the release of hostages and remains, the return of Palestinians to North Gaza, and access to humanitarian assistance for conflict-affected individuals.

He noted that if this initial phase holds, it will pave the way for a reconstruction program for Gaza.

Emphasizing the severe human suffering caused by the conflict, Ruto urged Israeli and Palestinian leaders, as well as all parties of goodwill, to support the plan.

He expressed his firm belief that strong endorsement and faithful observation of the plan could lead to a permanent ceasefire and the implementation of a two-state solution, allowing Israel and Palestine to coexist peacefully.

Ruto stated that such an outcome would contribute to a more stable and just region and world.

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