Ruto: There is no difference between ‘Wheelbarrow’ and Kazi Mtaani Initiative

Deputy President William Ruto has yet again defended his choice of wheelbarrow as a means to empower Kenyans.

The DP insists that the wheelbarrow represents his desire to change the lives of Kenyans who are struggling to make ends meet.

Speaking during the burial of the father of Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi, the DP wondered why he is being criticized for resorting to the wheelbarrow economics while in the ‘real sense’ the government has been promoting the same, citing Kazi Mtaani Initiative.

“We have a government project called Kazi Mtaani, graduates are armed with slashers and pangas and all they do is trim grass.” He posed

“What is the difference between Kazi Mtaani and buying a wheelbarrow to empower someone to use it to sell his or her wares. Kenyans are not foolish. You can no longer lie to anyone.” He charged

Ruto maintains that he was being unfairly attacked because he has chosen to take a different political path from the one he traveled in the past. On this, the DP did not have kind words for Opposition Chief Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I helped Raila until he became the Prime Minister of this country, and that time I was a good man. I did the same to Uhuru Kenyatta until he won the Presidency twice and I was a good man. When I am assisting them they see no problem but when I decided to help Kenyans struggling to make ends meet they turn against me.” Ruto remarked

According to Ruto, the hustler campaign is not targeted at anyone, and that neither is it aimed at creating an enmity between the rich and the poor.

“Hustler is not anyone’s enemy. Hustler is no enemy to the rich. Hustler’s only enemies are poverty and tribalism.” He said

In his sharp criticism of the Building Bridges Initiative, the DP is adamant that the conversation in the country must henceforth revolve around ordinary citizens who are burning the midnight oil to earn a livelihood. He says their issues have been kept at the periphery for a long time as those in leadership discuss how to share political power.

“For a long time we have heard things like the one former prime minister Raila Odinga was saying here. We have been told time and again that jobs will be created and that youths will be employed. But young people no longer want promises. They want to know what kind of jobs are being promised and when are they available.” He said

He added that “we will change this country’s economic model. We must help people from bottom up.”


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