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Ruto to chair first cabinet meeting in Kisumu

The President will Commission MV UHURU II at the Kisumu Shipyard, Kisumu Central Constituency

President William Ruto who is on a development tour of Nyanza region will this morning chair a Cabinet meeting at Kisumu State region.

The first-ever meeting in the lakeside city is happening a month after a similar one in Kakamega County, in Western.

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The head of state whose diary is full is expected to assent to the Privatisation Bill at the meeting to be attended by his ministers.

Thereafter he will launch the MV Uhuru II, a ship that will operate on Lake Victoria and enhance transport and trade in the region.

President Ruto Friday embarked on a four-day official tour of the Nyanza region which will culminate with the launching of various development projects in Kisumu, Homa Bay, Siaya and Migori counties in line with Kenya Kwanza’s Bottom Up agenda.

In the afternoon at 2pm, he will commission the construction of the Bondo-Liunda Road, Bondo Constituency.

What you need to know about MV Uhuru II

The construction of the new vessel began in 2021 and was completed in 24 months.

It is designed to transport cargo within Lake Victoria. It is a powerful and reliable vessel, equipped with a range of sophisticated systems that are essential for its safe and efficient operation.

One of the most important systems on the MV Uhuru II is its hull structure. The ship’s hull is designed to be strong and durable, capable of withstanding the stresses and strains of heavy cargo and rough waters.

The hull is constructed from high-quality steel and carefully welded together to form a watertight enclosure that will protect the cargo and crew from the elements.

Another important system of MV Uhuru II is its electrical equipment.

The ship is equipped with a variety of generators and electrical cables that produce the electricity needed to power the ship’s navigation system, communication systems, lighting, and other essential equipment. The electrical system is designed to be reliable and robust, capable of operating even under the most demanding conditions.

It is also fitted with a firefighting system, which is essential in case of a fire emergency on board.

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