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Sakaja introduces Unified Business permits for long term businesses

The governor says the new permit is cheaper than daily Cess paid by traders. The directive will also bolster service delivery

The electronic Unified Business Permit (UBP) was unveiled in January to ease doing business and collection of revenue.

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has directed that Cess payments for businesses that operate long term are transitioned to Unified Business Permits with immediate effect.

Speaking during a Revenue Mobilisation meeting which was attended by County Executives, Chief Officers, Directors in charge of Revenue collection and Sub County Administration Governor Sakaja said UBP must be embraced by all departments to enhance Revenue collection.

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Said Governor Sakaja, “Any business that runs consistently at one spot for over six (6) months will be required to acquire a Unified Business Permit (UBP) including in Markets and also those allowed to operate on road reserves. The annual UBP for such businesses is ultimately a lot cheaper than daily cess that the businesses have been paying which mostly doesn’t get to the county and leaves them open to daily harassment. We must quickly embrace technology because it has the potential to increase revenue collection, monitor compliance, and facilitate compliance.”

Added the Governor, “The County’s’ Revenue Outlook is looking good despite last year (FY 2022-2023) having been the best in the five years. I know the team will surpass it, and it will be the highest this year. The digitization of our system and strict cashless policy will ensure our Own source Revenue numbers soar. Technology plays a big part in sealing leakages, efficiency, and above all, revenue increment.”

The Governor also announced that effective immediately all County Executives and Chief Officers will be involved in revenue collection and mobilisation alongside sub-counties.

“I have assigned all the. County Executives, Chiefs Officers, Sub counties. They will be required to monitor and assist Sub County and ward administrators in revenue Mobilisation exercises. They will also use this opportunity to monitor other on-ground projects and help with decision-making on the ground. Nairobi must work! “ he announced.


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