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Samburu leaders rally against irregular sale of community land

A section of political and community leaders drawn from Archers’ Post in Samburu County have decried what they say is an attempt to irregularly sell a portion of community land at Losesia Group Ranch.

Governor Lati Lelelit, Senator Steve Lelegwe, and Woman Representative Pauline Lenguris issued a stern warning against alleged intimidation tactics meant to force the local community into giving in to the alleged forceful sale of 2,000 acres, land which they say is crucial for pastoralist activities.

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During a meeting at Larisoro in the outskirts of Archers’ Post, the leaders denounced any attempts to bypass the County Government of Samburu, which they said is the legal custodian of community land in the region.

Lati emphasized that the county had not been engaged by any parties interested in acquiring the land, insisting that any land transactions must get the nod of the County government.

The county boss stated that the County Attorney would scrutinize such documents on behalf of the public to avoid issue of fraud even as he took issue with the management of the ranch for allegedly disregarding the interests of the community and failing to call for a lawful general assembly to decide on land matters.

On her part, Lenguris stressed those decisions on community land rested solely with the landowners, urging for a transparent process even as she cautioned security agencies against intimidation while holding them accountable for any adverse outcomes.

Human rights activist David Lokia commended the county leadership for defending community interests calling for collaboration between the Ministry of Lands and the National Land Commission to thwart illegal land acquisitions.




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