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Sasa Pay rides on new innovations for growth

Sasa Pay customers will have access to their wallets to carry out various transactions both locally and globally.

Sasa Pay Chief Operating Officer Daniel Njoroge  said customers will enjoy a quick, secure and affordable access of funds in their Saving, Lending and Investments and Automated Payments wallets for the transactions.

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The digital payment service provider has further unveiled a strategy that provides a cutting- edge and seamless financial solution that ensures a secure payment experience for a diverse range of businesses.

“Through our rebrand, we aim to redefine the role of the payments and act as the meeting point between Kenyan businesses and their customers. Key to this will be empowering them to operate more efficiently to accelerate growth,” he said.

Sasa Pay will also leverage AI –based innovative technology by providing timely and accurate data to capital providers to fasten their decision in funding SMEs where their wallet balances will accrue interests through collaborative partnerships with financial institutions.

This will boost businesses, provide employment and provide households with a dignified lifestyle.
Individual user’s wallet balances will automatically earn them interest even when not transacting.

The Diaspora market will seamlessly transfer funds to Kenya and make cross-border payments from Kenya.

“We foresee SasaPay being the day-to-day transaction platform for Kenyans in the diaspora to empower them transact with their families, business interests and investments in Kenya seamlessly from wherever they are in the world. We shall be the first to enable Kenyans transact in foreign currency via their wallets, a breakthrough that has been made possible through its CBK-Regulated partner WapiPay,” Njoroge added.

SasaPay users will also be able to Shop and Pay later through its BNPL model dubbed “Shop Now Pay Later”.

According to Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), Kenyans in Diaspora sent home Ksh185.9 billion in just the first four months of 2023, this amount is expected to increase compared to the Ksh 453 billion remitted in 2022.

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