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SB 58: The hits, misses and way forward

Climate deal

Curtain came down for the Bonn Climate Change Conference after two weeks of intense negotiations offers and counter offers.

More than 4800 delegates attended the meeting with notable hits and misses.

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One of the big hits was the adoption of the agenda for COP28 which had proved to be elusive.

However an agreement on some of the crucial agenda items, like the Global Stock Take, Global Goal on Adaptation and the hosting of the Santiago Network for Loss and Damage never registered much progress.

The global stocktake matter will be concluded at COP28.

The Pan African Justice Alliance Executive Director Dr. Mwenda Mithika hailed the delegates for spending hours on end to hammer a deal on the agenda.

Pan African Justice Alliance Executive Director Dr. Mithika Mwenda

“Negotiations are hard especially when so much is at stake and so having taken nearly two weeks to agree an agenda, just shows how tough the negotiations can get”. Said Dr Mithika.

Other discussions and events at the Bonn Climate Conference focused on climate finance, notably the provision of adequate and predictable financial support to developing countries for climate action, including setting a new collective quantified goal on climate finance in 2024.

On the global goal on adaptation, Parties agreed on structural elements for a Dubai decision.

Another notable miss lack of a draft conclusion in the text on selecting the secretariat of the Santiago network for averting, minimising and addressing loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change.

Delegates failed to agree whether the fund would be domiciled in Nairobi or at the Carribean Investment bank.

The issue will now be up for debate at the 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) in Dubai later in 2023.

As the World waits for the biggest climate change conference in December, focus now turns to the Africa Climate Week, 4-8 September in Nairobi, Kenya and the Asia-Pacific Climate Week, in Johor, Malaysia with the dates expected to be announced soon.

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