Schools challenged to account for fees paid by parents

The Principal Secretary for Early Learning and Basic Education, Dr. Belio Kipsang has challenged school auditors to examine how schools fees paid by parents are spent in Public Primary and secondary Schools.

The Government spends Shs.13billion on Free Primary Education funds and about Shs60billion on Free Day Secondary Education programme annually, but parents in public boarding secondary schools spend about Shs100billion in fees on their children.

He said the cumulative sum the government and parents spend on Secondary School with parents paying between Shs40, 000 and Shs53, 000 in Boarding schools was Shs160billion, which posed serious control and risk phenomenon in schools.

“School fees paid by parents is part of public resources,” Dr. Belio noted, saying the auditors should examine whether the fees paid by parents was spend according to the regulations.

The Principal Secretary made the remarks during the official opening of a three day workshop for over 40 schools auditors at the Kenya Institute for Curriculum Development (KICD) today.

The participants were drawn from Regional and County School Audit offices throughout the country. They are charged with auditing the financial and other resources held by Public primary and Secondary Schools.

Dr. Belio asked the auditors to help School heads understand the risks so that they can detect, reduce or eliminate accounting errors or fraud in the management of finances in their respective institutions.

He advised them to exam books of accounts at the school level as it would enable them to verify the accounts against actual work done instead of letting school heads to carry the books to their respective County Offices.

The Principal Secretary observed that school auditors are the greatest safeguards of the best interest of learners and their work, properly executed, could give value for money the government and parents invested in schools.

He advised the auditors to take a special interest in schools with the largest enrolment of students within their areas of jurisdiction as they commanded equally large financial resources in capitation and school fees paid by parents.

Big schools bore the greatest risks, Dr. Belio said, adding that Auditors should give as much attention in examining the controls, risks and governance systems of such schools.

Dr. Belio said mapping of the enormity of risks schools bore and addressing them would help the Government to detect and arrest errors in school accounting operations early on.

He said the work they did had a huge impact on learners hence they should take their responsibility more seriously.

“Let’s not lie to our children,” Dr. Belio exhorted the auditors.

He said they can do the right thing for the government and the learners in the schools by undertaking their assignments with their work with personal integrity, competence, objectivity and impartiality.

He asked the auditors to restrict themselves on Public Primary and secondary schools, saying the National Audit Office would take care of Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs).

He said the burden of auditing the public primary and secondary schools could not allow them to audit TTCS.

Present during the occasion were the Director General, Mr. Elyas Abdi, The Director Secondary Education, Mr. Paul Kibet, the Director for Administration, Mr. Andrew Rukaria, the Director School Audit, Mrs. Victoria Angw’eni, Acting Director, Quality Assurance and Standards, Dr. Mary Gaturu, and Deputy Director for Primary Education, Mrs. Nareah Olick among others.


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