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Second lady Dorcas Rigathi leads clergy in prayers for striking doctors

The spouse of the Deputy President Pastor Dorcas Rigathi on Saturday led hundreds of clergy to pray for the end of doctors’ strike which is in its fourth week.

This was during the celebration of 90 years of life of Bishop Dr. Wilson Mamboleo, and also 70 years of his ministry, at Deliverance Church, Langata where hundreds of clergy had gathered.

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“We have the power and authority to change the atmosphere. We pray for an amicable solution. We pray for the strike to end soon. We pray for dialogue,” she said.

She added that the country had enjoyed two consecutive harvest seasons, and the blessing of the rains was still in the nation.

Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka was present and told of how Dr Mamboleo called him and encouraged him when he was Minister for Education and there was a teachers’ strike that paralysed education in the nation.

“The good thing about strikes is that they do not last forever but they live behind terrible scars,” said Mr Kalonzo.

“When doctors are on strike, we have a reason to pray as a church so we do not lose many patients. If we do not take action now, it will not augur well for the nation,” he added.

A support fund for Bishop Mamboleo was launched that was supported through financial donations, and purchase of the tens of books he has written.

He has served the nation as a minister of the word of God, and intercessor, for 70 years in different parts and also nurtured many in the Gospel.

Some of the spiritual books he has written include Ministerial Works, End Times: Rapture and Resurrection of the Dead, Prayer War Declared, Say Unto This Mountain, and Intercession: My Mandate to the Nations(Autobiography), and Prayers that Touches the Heart of God among others.

Others present included PS Immigration Ambassador Prof. Julius Bitok, Archbishop Arthur Kitonga, Archbishop Henry Mulandi, Bishop William Tuimising, Bishop JB Masinde and Wife, MSCK CEO Ezekiel Mutua, ApostleWilliam Kimani, Bishop Kepha Omae, Rev Phoebe Mugo, Bishop Geoffrey Njuguna, Bishop George Mamboleo (son), Bishop Boniface Adoyo, and Eda Adoyo, and Pastor Prince Obasi-ike among others.

The office of the First Lady was also represented as Mama Rachel Ruto was out of the country.

Bishop JB Masinde, in his sermon, reminded the congregation to honour parents, fathers of faith, elders, and God.



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