Section of clergy calls for review of re-opening guidelines

A section of the clergy has called for a review of the guidelines for the phased reopening of places of worship.

The men of the cloth argue that most of their colleagues are well above 58 years, the age limit set by the government for anyone seeking to congregate in places of worship.

They want the guideline struck off as it will bar most of them from carrying out their shepherd duties.

The move by the government to discourage the elderly from going to places of worship has been met with criticism by a section of the clergy.

Persons aged 59 years and above have been urged to stay away from places of worship due to health risks posed by the COVID-19.

Though the guideline is not legally binding, some men of the cloth want it removed from the list of guidelines.

Beginning Tuesday next week Kenyan faithful will be allowed to congregate in places of worship after as the government moves to ease some COVID-19 measures.

The conditional phased reopening of places of worship comes weeks after the government engaged an interfaith council on modalities that will be used to ensure public health protocols are adhered to in places of worship.


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