Securex recognises team commander for bravery

By Christine Muchira

One of Securex Agencies’ employees has been feted for showing courage when protecting life and property against an armed gang, risking his own life in the process.

Mr. Dickson Andalo, a Mobile Response Team Commander, was celebrated for his leadership and fortitude in the face of an armed enemy as he risked life and limb for the cause.

The Commander led his team to attend to an alarm activation in November 2015, and under his firm command they managed to fend off an armed gang, while taking a bullet in the leg himself.

“It is not every day that one puts his/her life before that of others. Mr. Andalo showed great leadership in the face of an armed enemy, truly living one of our core values of ‘Whatever it takes’ ” said Tony Sahni, Group Managing Director.

“On arrival at the client’s premises, the team found an ongoing armed robbery and immediately called for reinforcement,” narrated Mr. Sahni.

“Even though the thugs were armed, the MRT Commander gave the order to move in and deter the thugs. The MRT vehicle was hit several times and at this stage Mr. Andalo sustained a bullet wound to the leg. Knowing that armed MRT reinforcement was now en route, and with the vehicle surrounded by the gangsters, Mr. Andalo gave the command to leave the vehicle. They managed to jump over a wall into an open field from where they still had the presence of mind to call the Control Room and give an updated situational report.

Mr. Andalo’s run-in with armed criminals is testament to the great personal risk that the uniformed section officers expose themselves to when on the job, and Mr. Sahni was cognizant to this.

“Our guard-force and Emergency Response Teams are the backbone of our entire operation, and Heroes like Mr. Andalo are the pillars upon which this Family stands. We are empowering our forces every day. We have more crews supported by armed Police escort, and we are equipping our response teams with added protective gear like riot shields. Alarm activations in high-risk locations are attended to by multiple response teams for extra reinforcement; and our officers are put through periodic refresher training courses to keep them up to speed with crime trends in their localities.”

Mr. Andalo was one of two employees to be rewarded during the inaugural Securex Heroes Award Ceremony. The Securex Heroes Award is a platform built on the company’s core values, which are to treat colleagues and clients as “Family” and doing “Whatever it Takes” to get the job done. In the program, employees nominate fellow colleagues who have lived by these values in their service and interaction with internal and external stakeholders, and from these stories of exemplary service two are chosen as the Ultimate Securex Heroes.

Ms. Ann Munyui was also recognised and celebrated by her peers for her integrity and courage in the dispensation of her duties. Ann’s honesty, integrity and selflessness saw her clinch an award after she upheld the company’s transparent procurement policies despite the great financial benefit she stood to gain had she turned the other way.

“Anne is a true and real example of doing whatever it takes to retain one’s integrity and pride, while having the interest of the Securex Family at heart, and we could not be more proud of her,” said the Securex Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Lemmer.

“I did not expect the award, it came as a real shock and was of course a very emotional moment for me,” said a teary Ann after the ceremony.

“At the end of the day, I am happy that honesty and integrity was recognised and that we maintained our good standing with our clients and suppliers. And of course I have a mid-year vacation to show for it, ” she added.

The second round of the Securex Heroes Award is already under way, and we look forward to sharing more stories of fearlessness and honour with the public.



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