Security guards tapped in COVID-19 contact tracing app

Security guards in Kenya who interact with thousands of people on a daily basis have now been roped in the fight to contain COVID-19 and enhance the war on crime through a digital security application.

The app dubbed Hodi Hodi which has been developed jointly by TownConnect and Private Security Congress works by digitally taking information of visitors accessing commercial and residential buildings using a smartphone.

According to PSC Secretary-General Delano Kiilu, Hodi Hodi enhances the security of residents and tenants through contactless technology to detect and report potential COVID-19 cases.

“The App has a multifunctional interface that enables the guards to report any COVID-19 suspected cases, a key point of which the escalating number of Coronavirus cases would support screening and contact tracing allows SOS for quick response and has an E-Intercom and a crime and incident reporting Function,” said Kiilu.

700,000 guards working with 15 associations under the congress will be issued with smartphones in order to operate the system.

Hodi Hodi’s features e-Entry of visitors by the touch of a button reducing physical human interaction which helps manage Covid-19 transmission as well as approval, and pre-approval of all visitors into the compound.

The app also allows the guards to be able to collect key details including I.D, facial photos, car plate numbers of every visitor who has access to the residential compound, and commercial office spaces.

However, data security remains a key concerned to many consumers as TownConnect promises to safeguard visitor information which is inaccessible even to the guards.

“We cannot access your data. Your data is only accessed by administrators in a particular association. Under very strict protocols, unless asked by security agencies and accompanied by relevant and legal documents from the Government of Kenya, that’s the only time we can give access to specific data in specific situations,” said Eric Okero, TownConnect Country Director.

Security guards will also be able to register incidences and attach pictorial reports, have E– Intercom between guards and residents with number masking.

It also allows fleet management of field teams as well as admin and executive dashboards to manage the operations with ease of deployment countrywide with 24 hours of support service and extremely high-security data storage in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) global standards and Kenyan Data protection laws.

The security app is also available to private users through a monthly subscription.


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