Senate PAC dismisses Council of Governors on extortion claims

The Senate Public Accounts and Investment Committee has dismissed claims of extortion leveled on the Committee by the Council of Governors.

In a statement Committee Chairperson Sam Ongeri said they will not be blackmailed or threatened and they will not allow a few Governors who are afraid to account for the many billions in their disposal to question their integrity.

Ongeri says the allegations leveled against the committee are frivolous and an attempt to impute improper motive on the integrity of not just the Committee but the senate.

“In their endeavor to fail to account for resources sent to the counties, they claim that they will only honour the Committee invitations under virtual meetings or that they will only appear after COVID-19 pandemic is over and funds have been disbursed to County Governments,” He said.

The Committee said the Senate will not relent in its role to protect the interests of the Counties, reminding Governors that Article 125 of the Constitution gives the Senate and its Committees powers to summon public officers, including Governors to account for resources bestowed upon them.

Ongeri further pointed out that accountability before the Committee is not collective through the Council of Governors but is an individual responsibility of each Governor.

“The allegations by the Council of Governors are an affront on our constitutional mandate to represent and protect the interests of the Counties they are in charge of,” He said.

The committee is on record fining Muranga Governor Mwangi Wa Iria Ksh 500,000 for failing to appear before the committee physically despite being invited several times.

“We have since asked Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to arrest and present the Governor of Muranga before the committee on September 10, to answer audit queries in three financial years from 2015 to 2018,” Ongeri said.

The Committee says COG has taken a dangerous path by saying Governors will only appear virtually as well as casting aspersions on the integrity of the committee.


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