Senator Crystal Asige has released a new single, “Tattoo” from her upcoming mixtape, Blinding Allure II.

This follows the release of her previous project, Blinding Allure I, released in November 2023.

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“Tattoo” empathises with the pain of life’s cuts and bruises, while encouraging the listener to turn those vulnerabilities into pieces of art that tell their story.

“The music video is a visual representation of being able to draw a silver line around your scars and not forgetting the pain, but transforming through it,” Senator Crystal Asige explains.

“I am a creative and always will be a creative and we take every day experiences and turn them into artistic expressions that people can hopefully relate to, or be inspired by,” she added.

The timing of the new song coincides with a significant moment in Kenya, as women lead a powerful campaign denouncing. violence against women.

The movement is organised by grassroots human rights defenders of whom the senator has been championing.

Senator Asige has been on the forefront in activism against femicide in her spheres of influence where she single-handedly lobbied women parliamentarians to wear black instead of red on Valentine’s Day, as a statement of solidarity with all the women that have lost their lives at the hands of men.

This was followed by a night vigil concert at the University of Nairobi on the same day.

The ODM Senator went further to sponsor a widely debated adjournment motion in Parliament pertaining to the increased cases of femicide recently witnessed in the country, labelling them as “barbaric” and a “methodical execution ofd efenceless women.”

“Femicide is a deep-rooted hate crime that strikes at the very heart of our commitment to justice, equality, fundamental human rights and must be called out for what it is – a national emergency,” she said.

In addition to being a gifted wordsmith, Asige’s blending of chakacha and hip-hop in her new single, not only infuses each lyric with genuine emotion but also demonstrates a depth and resonance in her voice, underpinned by a strong and unique vocal technique.


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