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Senator Khalwale threatens to sue businessman for defamation


Kakamega Senator Dr. Bonny Khalwale has threatened to place a suit against businessman Cleophas Shimanyula alias Toto.

The seasoned politician through his lawyers on Wednesday issued a notice of 48 hours to the prominent Kakamega contractor to publicly apologize or face a defamation suit.

Senator Khalwale through his Lead Counsel Danstan Omari told journalists at Milimani law court that the contractor nicknamed as Toto has defamed his client by linking him to the death of his former employee Kizito Moi Amukune.

Omari said the contractor has been circulating videos on social media and through other broadcast platforms that the deceased was killed by Senator Khalwale for having extramarital affair with his wife. Toto is also accused of calling Khalwale’s three wives as prostitutes.

In the demand letter Omari dwelt on twenty two points stating, “That the Late Kizito Moi Amukune whose remains were discovered on the 28th January 2024 at our client’s cow shed lying in a pool of blood and mud, served as our client’s employee for approximately two decades with a lot of dedication to his duty as an attendee and caretaker of our client’s bull namely Anasio that was being trained to fight in keeping with the luhya customs and our client’s status as a Bull fighter.”

Omari told journalists, “That the discovery of the remains of the late Late Kizito Moi Amukune were made by his workmate at the firm one Geoffrey whohad been concerned about his absence from duty and the unusual lack of his presence from work without any prior excuse from duty” asserted Omari.

“That soon thereafter in appreciation of the gravity of the situation, our client invited his home area Officer Commanding Station who responded promptly in the company of his other eight police officers and the Malinya Deputy Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer who came and cordoned off the scene of the incidence, took photographs and videos of the scene in order to equip them sufficiently to conduct proper investigations as to the cause of the death of the deceased employee.” Omari stated.

Omari further said it has been confirmed by state pathologist Johanson Oduor and Kakamega medical pathologist that the deceased died of injuries caused by the bull.

During the postmortem the contrator was invited and sent his private pathologist. The sum total of the results was that the deceased died of injuries caused by the thorns of the bull.

Beside the apology Khalwale has demanded not less than Ksh 500 million being damages to his families.