Senators to push for recognition of upper house

Senators have renewed their push for recognition as the upper house following the start of a two-day retreat of the senate in Nairobi.

In a debate that is likely to re-ignite the supremacy wars in the bicameral parliament, senators are plotting to reintroduce the draft constitutional bill of 2015 that recognizes the senate as the upper house as well as give clarity on the mandate of each house.

The senators who held a two-day retreat in Nairobi, say they will forge a united front in the push for recognition as the upper house.

And to realize their dream the senators say they will be revisiting a bill they drafted in 2015, that sought to empower the senate.

They faulted the national assembly for allegedly failing the country when handling crucial legislation.

At the same time, they hit out at the   national assembly MP’s for their frequent referral to the senate as the ‘house of the elderly’.

This is not the first-time senate has demanded more recognition on grounds they represent a large populace than National Assembly members.



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