Senators to try end stalemate on revenue sharing formula

Senators will again on Tuesday try to end the stalemate over the new revenue sharing formula, which has so far proved to be a hard nut to crack delaying the disbursement of monies to counties.

Several attempts to forge a compromise on the new formula have been fruitless with a recent special sitting on Thursday ending in prematurely.

A move that was criticized by some senators who called out, the speaker Kenneth Lusaka for failing in is duties.

The new Revenue Sharing Bill proposed by the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) has divided senators with those supporting it calling for its approval in its current form while those against claiming it will further entrench marginalization.

Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kang’ata was Saturday quoted saying the fate of the bill on the floor of the house on Tuesday may compromise the Building Bridges Initiative.

” I told Kangema Constituency residents,”I thought BBI proposes to devolve 35 per cent of National Revenue.Why do some colleagues fear that once this formula passes there will be loss of revenue by some counties?” He asked

” On Senate stalemate,on Tuesday we shall bite the bullet .No more adjournments on county revenue sharing formula debate.” He added

His sentiments have been dismissed by those with contrary opinion on the formula who say the two are not related.

Calls are now being made to the president and the opposition leader to whip their troops in the senate to end the stalemate.

If passed in its current form 17 counties will lose approximately 18 billion shillings.


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