Shaffie Weru Joe mfalme and Neville suspended from radio

Homeboyz Radio promises to start changing the narrative of violence against women.

Shaffie Weru, Joe Mfalme and Neville may now forever be known as the people who blatantly blamed a victim of gender-based violence, on live radio. They are not getting away with it though and citizens of social media are making sure of it. Their comments and jokes about Eunice Wangari met the uproar of Kenyans with many asking from them to be fired from their radio jobs and de-platformed. The apologies both Shaffie and Joe Mfalme issued online were not enough and did not seem sincere to many. Their apologies were dubbed “copy-paste” and “template” apologies.

Homeboyz Radio, which is the media station that the three presenters work, has decided to suspend them as a disciplinary action. The three who work on the Breakfast show have been suspended for a period of two weeks commencing the 26th of March.

During the suspension period, all Homeboyz presenters, producers and their social media team will undergo Mandatory gender awareness sensitization training and training on Ethical reporting and on air discussion of women issues, sexual assault and gender-based violence.



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