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Shakahola cult: Pastor Mackenzie, 94 co-suspects to face murder charges

The Office of the Director of Prosecution (ODPP) has approved murder charges against controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie and 94 of his followers over Shakahola mass deaths.

Mackenzie and his accomplices will also face charges of assault causing bodily harm under Section 251, radicalization under Section 12D of the Prevention of Terrorism Act of 2012 and infringement of children’s rights.

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“Upon thorough analysis of the evidence, the Director of public Prosecutions (DPP) is satisfied that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute 95 suspects with the following charges,” the statement by ODPP read in part.

The ODPP further ordered that the suspects be arraigned in court with immediate effect saying the matter is of great public interest.

“The DPP has therefore directed that the suspects be presented before the High Court and Subordinate Court forthwith. The ODPP undertakes to expeditiously prosecute the matters in view of the great public interest involved.”

Mackenzie and co-suspects have been in custody for over eight months after bodies of at least 429 people, including children were recovered from graves sites in Shakahola forest in Kilifi.

He is alleged to have encouraged members of his Good News International Church to fast to death in preparation for the end of the world.

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