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Shakahola cult suspects detained for 30 more days

The Shanzu Magistrate Court in Mombasa has ordered that 66 Shakahola cult suspects be detained for a further 30 days.

This is after the probation office in Mombasa filed a prayer to the court seeking for more time to finish their report.

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According to the probation office, they had managed to interview 63 out of the 66 suspects adding that most were proving difficult to provide family details thus delaying the final report.

The probation office led by Wycliff Wathome told the court that most of the suspects were not originally from Mombasa with one being a foreigner.

While delivering the ruling, Hon Yusuf Shikanda said that the court handling the matter was wise to ask for family reports in the matter.

Shikanda said that it will be unwise to refuse to grant the probation office more time to present their full report before the court.

“It is unlawful not to disclose to your probation officers where you stay. It is important for them to know your people and where you live so that they can continue and finish with the report, said Shikanda”

Shikanda urged the suspects to cooperate with the probation officers saying that the officers were not going for them as they might have perceived but the information they were seeking could even assist the suspects in their case.

“Yes you have the right to speak or not, but this right can be limited. The probation officers are not coming for information that will implicate you,” he said.

In their submissions to court, the probation office said that they had only managed to do home inquiries on 20 families and significant others, thus the need for an extension.

The prosecution team led by assistant ODPP Jami Yamina, refuted claims that there was a plot by the government to continue holding the suspects in custody.

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