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SHIF registration to begin March, says Health CS

Government has affirmed that the country is on course to start registration of Kenyans into the new Social Health Insurance next month, insisting that the exercise must end in June so as Kenyans start enjoying the benefits in the 2024/2025 financial year.

Speaking during the validation workshop on the social health insurance regulations, Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha noted that all stakeholders involved have been consulted and thus the document that will be presented to the Attorney General for gazettement will be inclusive.

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However, the Council of Governors has lamented the rushing of implementation of SHIF, saying the ministry has bypassed their input and has only involved them when they have voiced their inclusion.

Represented by health committee chairperson Muthomi Njuki, the governors want the issue of claims to public hospitals addressed with speed, noting that most of the beneficiaries of claims may be private hospitals as was in NHIF

The ministry is also committing to work with county governments in implementation of SHIF.





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