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Shujaa headlines group A as Safari 7’s fixtures are released

Defending champions Shujaa and 2021 losing finalists Germany are the top seeds for this year’s Safari 7s taking place from 17th to 19th November 2023 at the RFUEA Ground.
Shujaa headline Pool A which also features Red Wailers, Uganda, SA All Stars and Tropic 7s while Germany headline Pool B which features Morans, Samurai, KCB and Western Province Select.

The Lionesses headline the women’s competition which features Uganda, TUKS 7s, Cubs and Tropic 7s.

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Safari 7s Men’s Competition

Pool A: Shujaa, Red Wailers, Uganda, SA All Stars, Tropic 7s

Pool B: Germany, Morans, Samurai, KCB, Western Province Select

Women: Lionesses, Uganda, TUKS 7s, Cubs, Tropic 7s

Day One Order of Play | Saturday 18 Nov 2023

Women: Uganda v Tropic 7s | 8.30am

Women: Lionesses v TUKS 7s | 8.52am

Men:Red Wailers v Tropic 7s | 9:14am

Men:Uganda vs SA all stars |9:36am

Men :Moran vs Western Province |9:58am

Men:samurai vs KCB |10:20 am

Women:Cubs vs Tuks |10:42 am

Women:Uganda vs Lionesses |11:04am

Men:Shujaa vs SA all stars| 11:46am

Men:Red wailers vs Uganda |12:08pm

Men:Germany vs KCB |12:30pm

Men:Morans vs Samurai|12:52pm

Women:Lionesses vs Cubs|1:14pm

Women:Tuks vs Tropic 7s |1:36pm

Men:Uganda vs Shujaa |1:58pm

Men:SA all stars vs Tropic 7s |2:20pm

Men:Samurai vs Germany|2:42pm

Men:KCB vs Western Province |3:04pm

Women:Tuks vs Uganda |3:46pm

Women:Tropic7s vs Cubs|4:08pm

Men:SA All stars vs Red Wailers |4:30pm

Men:Tropic 7s vs Shujaa |4:52pm

Men:KCB vs Morans |5:14pm

Men:Western Province vs Germany|5:36pm

Day Two order of play|Sunday 19th November 2023

Men:Tropic 7s vs Uganda |10:00am

Men:Shujaa vs Red Wailers |10:22am

Men:Western Province vs Samurai|10:44am

Men:Germany vs Morans |11:06am

Women:Tropic 7s vs Lionesses|11:28am

Women:Cubs vs Uganda|11:50am

Men Cup semis : 1st pool B vs 2nd pool A |12:12pm

Men Cup semis :1st pool A VS 2nd pool B |12:34pm

Men 5th Semis :2nd pool B vs 4th pool A |12:56pm

Men 5th semis:2nd pool A vs 4th pool B|1:18pm

Women semis:1st WA vs 4th WA |1:40pm

Women semis :2nd WA vs 3rd WA |2:02 pm

Men 9th and 10th:5th pool A vs loser 34|2:44pm

Men 7th and 8th:Loser 33 vs Winner 32 |3:06pm

Mens 5th Final :Winner 33 vs Winner 34|3:28pm

Women 3rd and 4th :Loser 35 vs Loser 36 |3:50pm

Mens 3rd and 4th: Loser 31 vs Loser 32|4:12 pm

Womens final :Winner 35 vs winner 36|4:37pm

Main Final:Winner 31 vs Winner 32 |5:02pm

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