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Shun political agitators, Wetangula tells leaders

National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula has advised the leaders from western region to shun political agitators seeking to sow discord among their ranks.

Speaking during, a fundraiser in support of women’s groups in Sabatia Constituency, Vihiga County Wetangula noted that he was committed to uniting the western region leadership for the betterment of the region and to change the political perception of the region.

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The speaker urged leaders in Western Kenya to forge a collective front, adding that their region’s developmental aspirations hinges upon collaborative efforts. 

Wetagula said that it was disheartening to see leaders from the region being incited to rise against each other while other regions have strong political formations.

The speaker adding that the opportune moment for Western Kenya to assert its influence on the national political stage is high as they proclaim the forthcoming year of 2032 as a key juncture in their regional trajectory.

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