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Siaya leaders want ODM to stop interfering with Govt officials


A section of leaders from Siaya have accused the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leadership of hatching a scheme to discredit senior government officials, so as to have them sacked from their plum positions.

Led by Gem Member of Parliament, Elisha Odhiambo and a senior United Democratic Alliance (UDA), Siaya County official, Fredrick Oyugi Dor, the leaders called on the ODM officials, led by Secretary General, Edwin Sifuna, to concentrate on issues that would bring harmony and help the Country develop instead of stooping low to discuss personalities.

They were speaking at Nyamninia Mixed Secondary School, where the Legislator had joined the students and teachers for a luncheon to celebrate the schools’ performance, during the last Kenya Certificate of Secondary School Education (KCSE) results.

Legislator Odhiambo lamented that Senator Sifuna had made Interior Principal Secretary, Dr. Raymond Omollo, a subject of his persistent attacks and questioned the hidden motive of the Senator.

He said that as Nyanza leaders, they will not accept one of their own to be intimidated by selfish leaders, who do not mean well for the region.

“If he wants to talk about any leader in the Country, let him focus on Nairobi and Bungoma, where he hails from,” said Odhiambo, adding “let him not talk about Raymond Omollo, who is one of the senior most Luo son  in government.”

Odhiambo said that the attacks were meant to paint Omollo in a negative way and have him sacked.

UDA official, Mr. Dor said it was unfortunate that politicians who claim to be champions of democracy, were attacking innocent public servants, who were performing their tasks diligently.

Dor told Senator Sifuna, to concentrate on his job as the ODM Secretary General, to build his party which, he claimed, was fast dwindling in popularity.

Dor at the same time castigated Siaya ODM leaders, for threatening to unleash terror on UDA supporters in the area, maintaining that such threats will not cow them.

He said that already, UDA has registered over 200,000 members in Siaya.