Sifuna, Jumwa summoned by NCIC over the use of vulgar language

ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna and Malindi lawmaker Aisha Jumwa have been lined up for interrogation by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission.

The two leaders, both members of the Orange party, but currently pulling in different directions, have been summoned by the commission over discourteous remarks attributed to them during political campaigns in Kwale County.

While separately drumming up support for their respective parliamentary candidates in Msambweni, the two were recorded going at each other using abusive language laced with innuendo and sexual undertones.

NCIC Chair Dr. Rev Samuel Kobia is expressing concern that the remarks attributed to Jumwa and Sifuna might mutate to hate speech thus threatening the peaceful coexistence among Kenyans. He wants leaders to desist from divisive and reckless utterances.

“The use of such political rhetoric and vulgar language is wrong, unethical and shameful, the fact that any leader, especially those of the stature of MP and secretary-general, can even consider using such language is a low point for them and this nation,” Kobia said in a statement to newsrooms late Tuesday.

While disclosing that it is closely monitoring the reckless utterances that have spurred negative conversation across the country, Kobia has urged all politicians to remain civil and ethical at all times, noting that Kenya is a civilized society and the days of intolerant speech are far gone.

Seeing as the situation might get out of hand if not checked, the commission disclosed that while it is prosecuting those suspected of dastardly acts, it is also in the process of creating a wall of fame and shame at the commission.

“We will name and fame the leaders and Kenyans who do well but also we will name and shame those who behave in an uncouth manner.” Warned Kobia

As if that is not enough, the commission says it will seek to bar politicians who continue to perpetuate these acts from seeking public offices.

“Our quest for ethical and peaceful behavior will not stop there. We are working with the registrar of political parties to ensure that politicians who fail to meet chapter 6 requirements in the eye of the commission, the EACC and the registrar of political parties to be barred from political office forthwith.” The commission disclosed.

The commission says it is committed to ensuring that there is a legal, societal, and political consequence for bad behavior.


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