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Siginon Group gets new certification for its tea warehouse

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Siginon Group has acquired a new certification for its tea warehouse in Mombasa which it says will help it improve how it handles tea from various clients in the region.

Siginon Global Logistics General Manager, Byron Kongere said the new accreditation also gives its customers confidence that it will be more vigilant and compliant to avert any food fraud and food threat that touches on mislabeling or misrepresentation as well as inpurification of food products when offering tea warehousing services.

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“This new certification will ensure proper food defense and tamper-proofing of products in the Siginon Global Logistics supply chain as well as enabling the protection of employees against harassment which was recently revealed as a key concern in Kenya’s tea sector,” said Kongere.

The transport and logistics firm said transition from ISO 22000 – 2018 to Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000) for its Siginon Global Logistics Mombasa Tea warehouse also enhances quality culture and quality control within the facility.

Kongere said initially the focus was on food hazard analysis but this new certification now allows them to widen their scope of work to enhance food safety.

“We will continue to consistently capacity build our staff to ensure adequate training on hazard analysis and quality control with the set policies of food fraud and food threat for the safety of our customers,” he added.

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