Singh Bedi appointed new EPC chairman

By KBC Reporter

Jaswinder Singh Bedi has been appointed the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Export Promotion Council effective immediately.

Bedi has previously served as the Chairman of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers and the Vice President of the International Textile Manufacturers Federation among others.

Following his appointment, Bedi says top in his agenda is to take the performance of Kenya’s exports to the next level by involving all the 47 counties to come up with a long term strategic plan for the export industry.

Bedi notes that he has undertaken to engage the Export Promotion Council in unlocking the current gridlock in Kenya’s export sector through an assessment of the current situation, identifying the future growth potential in each sector, for contribution to the economy; internal and external environmental factors limiting full performance and infusing the strategic interventions.

Bedi says the EPC is keen on ensuring that enterprises across the country maximize their export potential.

State Department of Trade, in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Trade Principal Secretary Chris Kiptoo says the government is fully committed to working with the EPC to ensure that Kenya’s exports take their rightful place in the global market.

Kiptoo emphasized on the critical role a rejuvenated export sector can play in employment and wealth creation, foreign exchange earnings as well as improving the balance of trade position, among other benefits.



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