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Smallholder farmers to benefit from innovative irrigation solutions

(L-R) - Irri-Hub Ke Limited Chief Executive Officer Eric Onchonga poses for a photo with Faulu Bank Head of Business Growth & Bancassurance Justus Kittony after signing a partnership aimed at empowering smallholder farmers. The partnership provides access to affordable, efficient, and sustainable irrigation products, enhancing agricultural productivity and resilience in the face of climate change.

Smallholder farmers will now benefit from efficient and sustainable irrigation products that will enhance agricultural productivity, improve nutrition security and boost incomes.

This is through a partnership between Faulu Bank and Irri-HuB Ke limited which will provide the farmers with solar pumps, Drip Kits, Dam Liners and Solar Dryers.

“We are excited to partner with Irri-Hub Ke Limited to offer innovative irrigation solutions to smallholder farmers, by combining our financial resources and expertise with Irri-Hub Ke’s technology-driven products, we aim to empower farmers to adapt to climate change, increase their agricultural productivity, and achieve their financial goals,” said Justus Kittony, Head of Business Growth & Bancassurance at Faulu Bank.

Through the partnership the farmers will receive finances from the lender aimed at helping them acquire Irri-Hub Ke’s products which will further enhance agricultural productivity, improve livelihood and promote food security in rural areas.

“Our collaboration with Faulu Bank underscores our commitment to transform agriculture through technology. Together, we will enable smallholder farmers to harness the power of sustainable irrigation solutions, improve food production, and build resilience in the face of climate change,” stated Eric Onchonga, Chief Executive Officer at Irri-Hub Ke Limited.

The irrigation products are tailored to the needs of the small holder farmers and their solutions include rainwater harvesting technology, solar-powered irrigation systems, greenhouses, shade houses, screen houses, mulching technology, and agricultural nets.

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