Snake attacks and kills brothers on a motorbike in Malindi

A somber mood engulfed Malindi sub-county hospital mortuary as residents of Magarini came to terms with the death of two men who were bitten by a poisonous snake.

The two were riding on a motor bike when the incident occured.

Efforts to rush them to hospital were futile because the poison had circulated in their tissues.

James Kirimo Menza, a neighbor says the two brothers Mtawali Nzaro Wanje and David Wanje met their death while heading home on a motor bike at Ziarahai where they were confronted by a black mamba.

One brother was attacked on the neck and the other on the thigh. Residents say there have been reports of the presence of a huge snake in the area that is inreasingly becoming a threat to residents.

They are now appealing to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to capture the venomous serpent.

Patrick Changawa from Kilifi county wildlife conservation and compensation called on the county government to equip Marafa health centre with the anti venoms injections.

He said that 10 deaths attributed to sanke bites have been reported in the area in the recent past.


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