Social Media habits to stop right now

You may be guilty of these social media faux pas habits.

In today’s world, social media is proving to be very essential but tricky to use altogether. ALL social media sites come with a dark side that you do not really know about until you find yourself immersed in. And these dark sides are usually difficult to get out of.

Healthy social media habits will guarantee a wonderful social media experience. Quit these social media practices to lead a healthy online life:

  1. Using your personal page to run your business

An occasional mention of your business on your personal page is fine but do not use your page to spam your followers with your business details.

  1. Cyber-stalking

As much as it is tempting to find out what your ex is up to via social media, it is not a healthy habit. Monitoring someone’s whereabouts online is tacky and will only leave you upset and frustrated.

  1. Inappropriate tagging

Tagging other accounts unnecessarily on posts can be deemed as spamming. You will find yourself unfollowed and even blocked.

  1. Posting inappropriate photos

Especially of the nude variety. Never forget that ‘the internet is forever’. SO as much as you may later delete, it’s a guarantee that someone already has the image downloaded and saved somewhere.

  1. Oversharing

Your social media page is not your diary. Avoid oversharing majorly personal information as this could come back to bite you later. Stalkers and even potential employers could use this information against you.


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