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Solai Dam victims agree out-of-court settlement

Families affected in the 2018 Solai Dam tragedy have settled on an out-of-court settlement with the owner of the ill-fated project and eight other people. 

In a statement, the Kenya Human Rights Commission KHRC)which had charged itself with seeking justice on behalf of 50 people who perished in the tragedy said that a common ground had been reached to the former’s benefit.

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Over 40 people died in the 2018 bloodbath after the dam broke its banks, sweeping the homes adjoining it downstream.

According to KHRC, The Mau Mau Freedom Fighters will see the launch of Mau Mau Foundation, Website and Memoir.

Also a similar event is set to be held early December to take stock of the country’s trajectory and the role played by civil society.

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