Solai residents ready to reconcile with dam owner Patel

Over 220 families in Nyakinyua village of Solai, Nakuru now want to reconcile with the owner of the ill-fated Solai dam, Mansuklal Patel.

The residents feel that an opportunity to express their feelings to the man will go a long way in settling their grief.

Furthermore, they are calling for more counseling services to be availed to them to help them deal with the tragic loss of family and property.

In the meantime, the reconstruction program is in full swing, with much of the construction work involving homes and school already underway.

Seven months after the Patel Dam catastrophe, are still reeling from the devastation of the tragedy.

Currently, stakeholders are erecting new homes and rebuilding the nearby school, and counseling services are available for them as they seek to deal with the past and build their futures.

However, reconciliation with Mansuklal Patel, the owner of the killer dam remains a major desire for many locals as a way to deal with the bitterness and hostility they feel towards the man who was once their benefactor.

The survivors are also in need of further counseling services, even as they urged leaders not to politicize the process.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui assured the survivors that their grievances will be addressed, but urged them to embrace peace in order to allow more stakeholders to lend assistance to them.

He further assured them that engineers were working to restore the eroded farmlands.

The governor spoke as he toured the reconstruction process at Nyakinyua primary school alongside reconstruction of 37 two bed room houses for the tragedy’s victims by the Red Cross.




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