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Solar-powered borehole to benefit over 3,000 residents in Tiaty

The First Lady has sponsored a solar-powered borehole to residents of Mukur Village, Tiaty Constituency, an area that has been ravaged by constant drought, occasioning a low level of school attendance and development.

The borehole will serve over 3,000 residents, with plans to provide water to nearby villages.

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The First Lady further donated food to the residents, in the interim with plans to roll out long-term production of food through the introduction of kitchen garden concepts, beekeeping, small-scale irrigation, and the planting of fruit trees.

Speaking during the event, Dr. Dawson Mudenyo, the Director of Faith Diplomacy, urged other Kenyans of good will to consider supporting needy members of society, including devising long-term solutions they can adapt in a bid to promote food security, and as a demonstration of their faith.

Dr. John Chumo, the Chief Executive Officer of Mama Doing Good, reiterated the commitment of the First Lady to being a voice for children in the nation, citing that the borehole that will increase school enrollment and reduce reports of absenteeism in Mukur School and its environs.

In addition, Mama Doing Good will roll out economic empowerment programs for the women of Mukur village to enable them to fend for their families and earn an income.

The Deputy County Commissioner for Tiaty Constituency and Member of Parliament for Tiaty Constituency, William Kamket, also attended the borehole’s commissioning and food donation exercise urged Tiaty residents to embrace new technologies aimed at helping them become food secure and self-reliant.

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